Book Review: By the Book by Julia Sonneborn

Book Rating (out of 5): So, here's the thing. This book is not without flaws. It's got several, in fact. But I just couldn't put it down. I was immediately sucked into the story and couldn't stop thinking about it when I was away until I finished it. I've been dealt a few literary duds... Continue Reading →


My New Obsession

I was never a big fragrance fan until a few years ago. I have to be careful with anything heavily scented because it can bring on an allergy attack if the conditions are just right. But I love a good scent when I can get it. I've been trying to find my signature scent for... Continue Reading →

Working On My Fitness

I'm about halfway through Couch to 5K which is somewhat demoralizing for me because this is about the the eight millionth time that I've done C25K. Not to mention that I used to run half marathons. But that was also the time that I burned myself out. Like down to the ground. So not doing... Continue Reading →

How Do You Black Friday?

I don't know about you, but I'm always conflicted about shopping on Thursday and Black Friday. I'm not a fan of crowds so you'll never catch me out there pushing and shoving at 3am. Shopping for me is a leisurely activity. A joy that shouldn't be rushed. That being said, now that stores are opening... Continue Reading →

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you and yours have a wonderful turkey day. Though what we celebrate today is a bit questionable if you think about it too hard, I try to think about the positives as opposed to our questionable history. I'll always be thankful for a day off from work and a day... Continue Reading →

Resizing a Garment

How do you a resize a garment without completely f***ing it up? Asking for a friend! As I mentioned before, I am 100% one of the laziest people in the world. I'm always looking for shortcuts. When I'm in an interview, I call them efficiencies. Which is code for, "Why is this taking so long?"... Continue Reading →

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