The Never Ending Scarf

I haven’t talked much about my knitting. Why you ask? Because it’s been frustrating the hell out of me.

I had this lovely yarn and a great pattern that I wrote about a while back. I started out knitting one thing with it and then that looked terrible, so I frogged it and decided to use that yarn for something else. Well, I hated that too!

Don’t get me wrong. It was a lovely pattern, but it wasn’t mindless knitting, and I needed something that I could easily memorize and do while I was watching TV or listening to an audiobook. Something simple, but that I would still use and wear.

I finally decided on the Java Summer Scarf (pattern by Johanna ShiM). It was just what the knitting doctor order. Simple yet pretty and very versatile.

My only issue with it was my own personal mission to use up all of the yarn that I ordered. It was two skeins and it just…wouldn’t…end.

For the finished product, I love it because I love a long scarf. They are just so versatile.

From a knitting perspective, I just got tired of knitting it at one point and wanted it to be OVER. And I had to block it in sections because it was so long that I didn’t have enough space to block it all at once.

But now that the never ending scarf is finished, the question is…what to knit next????

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