Working on My Fitness: Bend it Like Bikram

So you may remember that recently I decided to give Body Boss a re-try. In theory, I like HIIT training and it seems very effective when you do it right. And maybe that’s the problem, I don’t think I’m doing it right.

I don’t know if my form is off or if I’m not stretching adequately (which I’m usually good about), but I started having lower back aches after my workouts. What I realized was that 1) I was probably not using the best form during some of these workouts and 2) my hips in particular were frightfully tight post-HIIT workouts. So after some ibuprofen and a massage, I decided to table Body Boss (again) and instead focus on my flexibility.


Now, yoga and I have never been great friends. I have a certain level of base flexibility from childhood gymnastics, and I always find myself getting frustrated with yoga. I find it hard to get into the yoga “mood.” My severely type-A brain won’t shut off and get into the meditative state. I’m also a perfectionist so I get frustrated when I can’t do the pose perfectly or I don’t show steady progress. I’ve got all kind of yoga-induced problems.

70173B97-B0BB-4559-B23D-5667C6562946via GIPHY

Instead of giving up on it totally, I decided that I was going to approach it a little different. ‘Cause lets be honest, I’m clearly not in this for the yogi lifestyle. I just want to be bendy and stretch my stuff out thoroughly so that I can unlock these tight hips. But I also feel like I haven’t given yoga a fair shake and obviously, to be good and progress at anything, you’ve gotta be consistent. So, I’m gonna put on my big girl panties on and give it a real, honest try.

I’ve got a strange and varied plan and here’s how it’s gonna go down, at least for the next 30 days:

#1 – The Super Stretch

The first helpful tool that I’ve found for my arsenal is Yoga Body. The claim is that if you have 4 weeks then you can significantly increase your flexibility in five 15-minute sessions each week, focusing on a different area of the body each day. So far I’m on week 1, day 3 of 5 and I can see how it works. The poses are challenging and some of them I can only hold for the minimum amount of time. Some I can do longer, but damn, it gets uncomfortable. That being said, after the 15 minutes, you can immediately feel the difference.

#2 – The Basics of Yoga

Starting in April, I’m gonna put one of my many streaming services to work for me and try to do a little yoga every day. I’m gonna do 30 Days of Yoga and see if it sticks. It’s free if you’ve got Amazon Prime.

#3 – Rebound!

I want to make sure that my lower back is feeling decent before I return to more strenuous workouts. So far, it’s already feeling better, but I am firmly in the “it’s better to be safe than sorry” camp. Until then, I’m going to FINALLY start to use my impulse-buy rebounder that I bought like a year ago.  Until now, my kid has used it more than I have. No more! It’s going to be me, my rebounder and some great YouTube videos that I found from BeFIT to get in some light cardio.


#4 – Eatin’ All the Plants

Obvi, diet is an important part of this. I’ve been doing my best in the past few months to shift to a more plant-based diet. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar, flour and diary with varying degrees of success. It’s HARD, ya’ll!


Anywho, it must be done. #firstworldproblems

Feature image cover photo credit goes to Just Run Lah.


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