Box of Style: Spring 2018

I’m taking a break from binge watching Younger (addicted) and Alias Grace (confused) to bring you my thoughts on the Spring 2018 Box of Style.

My pictures are totally and completely sad so feel free to go to the official website to get the sexy photos and style tips for each piece. But you’ll only find The Hobby Whore’s unfiltered thoughts on the box here.

And what, pray tell, do I think of the Spring box???? Vote = Love!


Let’s start with the box itself, which has gone white for Spring. #hellogorgeous

But it’s what’s inside that really matters, yes????

We begin with the Moon Lariat which is just lovely. I can see myself wearing this a lot. Simple, stylish, a little boho, a lot of versatile.


Then we see how we feel about the Bonnie Clyde Sunglasses. They are a bit on the large side for my small(ish) head, but I kind of dig them. Definitely a fun addition to the wardrobe for Spring, and I can see myself wearing these sunnies by the pool this summer.


I was surprised by how much I like the Head Wrap/Choker. I particularly love it as a headband, but I also really, really liked it as a choker. I can see this being fun and versatile with dresses and jeans. Def not something that I would have likely ever picked out myself, but def adore!


Then we come to the much advertised Palm Print Duster. I must admit that I like it. It’s a bit heavier than I was expecting. I thought it would be more gauzy and lightweight. Flowing in the breeze behind me as I sashay. And maybe it will if the breeze is strong enough. Regardless, I can see myself wearing this. TBD if I actually leave the house in it or if I only wear it like a robe around the house.


And finally some nice beauty finds. I like the lip glossy which smells wonderfully coconutty. But I looooove the Coconut Rose Toner which is basically just rose water which j’adore.

Yet another beloved Box of Style in the books. Rachel Zoe will keep getting my money if she keeps surprising me and making me feel FABULOUS!

giphy (1)



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