My Favorite Things: NeuLASH

First off, I don’t get paid for any promotional stuff. I only talk about stuff that I’ve personally used and loved. No kickbacks for me. Note to self: Look into getting kickbacks. You should get paid for this sh*t.

One of my most recent obsessions that I must tell you about is NeuLASH.

I learned about it from lifestyle blogger, Merrick’s Art. I started following her because she’s an amazing seamstress and has great style. Turns out she also recommends some great products.

So first and foremost, I don’t wear make-up. I don’t really care for the upkeep and I touch my face a ton throughout the day so I would probably look like a sad clown at the end of the day if I did.

giphy (21)Giphy

For some reason this year, I decided to amend my beauty routine to start wearing mascara (sometimes.) I weirdly, after so many years of not even noticing my eyelashes, have decided that they must be longer.

giphy (17)Giphy

When I go for a product, it’s typically something that will help me enhance what god gave me. I’ll buy the push up bra, but I’ll never get implants. You know what I mean??? Same goes for eyelashes. If I can find something that will make them grow naturally, that’s one thing. But I won’t go out and wear false eyelashes. It’s not that serious.

So NeuLASH supposedly helps grow your eyelashes naturally. Here is Merricks Art’s original post about it where she describes how her lashes completely fell out after using falsies. But then look at her picture now and those lashes!!! Just nuts. Seems pretty impressive, right? So me and my whimpy lashes decided to give it a try.

giphy (15)Giphy

I’ll be upfront about it – at $150 a tube, it’s not a cheap investment. But if it works, well, hey! Worth the money, right?

giphy (20)Giphy 

And I truly believe that it does work. I bought mine at the end of the year and have been using it nightly ever since. I saw a noticeable difference with a few weeks. My lashes were noticeably longer. I noticed it first in my lower lashes first and then one day when I was swiping on mascara, there was a noticeable difference on the upper lashes. Fast forward to a full 2 months later and I’m noticing that not only are my lashes longer, but they are getting thicker as well.

giphy (14)Giphy

NeuLASH claims that it takes 6 months to see full results so I plan to use it daily for the full six months. After you’ve achieved your results, you have to keep using it, but only every other day or a couple of times a week to maintain your results.

Two months in and I’m a believer. I’m still also on my first tube which apparently can last anywhere from 3 months or longer. I’ll let you know how I feel about it in 6 months.


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