Working On My Fitness: Body Boss

Hello again! Where have I been, you ask? Working. At the job that actually makes me money. That pesky ol’ thing.

But I haven’t forgotten about you or any of my long list of hobbies. You’ll be happy to note that they continue even when I don’t blog about them. And now that I have a little bit of time, I’ve got some catching up to do. I’ll start with some fitness fun.

Long story short, I had an itty bitty little medical procedure done in December that sidelined my fitness for longer than expected. I ended up with a couple of stitches just above my ankle and doctor’s orders were no working out until it heals.


What was supposed to be a 2 week break ended up being an 8 week break! And truth be told, it’s still not 100% healed. But it’s healed a lot and I decided to take it for a test drive the other day to see if I was over the hump. And I think I am, but I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Before I had to take my break, I had recently purchased BodyBoss. Ever heard of it? After being inundated with ads on my FB page, I decided to give it a go. I only got in a few workouts before I was sidelined, but now I’m giving it another go.

According to the ads, it’s only 30 minutes, 3 times a week to your best body ever or whatever. Lies, lies, lies.

giphy (13)Giphy

The outlined workouts are fairly short, but once you get the guide, you’ll see that it also encourages you to do other activities on 2 or more days a week. Maybe yoga on one day, a day of cardio only on another, etc. There is also no nutrition guide. I guess that’s sold separately. *shrug*


That being said, it’s still not a major commitment and the workouts are legit. In those 30 minutes, you will werk, my friends.

giphy (11)Giphy

But it’s only 30 minutes so just shut up and do it (or so I tell myself). I’m on the end of week one and it burned. I could barely get out of bed this morning, but some of that was due to my tendency to overdo. I did more cardio than the guide suggested this week, but I feel like cardio is a necessity for me. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I need to be able to outrun those f***ers. Always remember the first rule of Zombieland…

giphy (12)Giphy


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