Why I Cancelled FabFitFun

The hot new thing is subscription boxes, right? I’m not a big fan of subscriptions in general because I feel like they are, in general, a waste of money. But I was intrigued earlier this year by one of the FabFitFun boxes and decided to give it a try. As a quarterly box, it didn’t seem like a major commitment, and at only $40 or whatever, it seemed like a decent deal. Now that I’ve received a full year of boxes, I must say that, overall, I’m underwhelmed.

I received my winter box a week ago or so. And though it’s always fun to get a surprise in the mail, I realized that overall, I ultimately get rid of or don’t use more items in the box than I keep. I don’t know about you, but there are only so many exfoliating products that I need. Only so many scarves and wraps and make-up products and lotions. Most of the items that I ended up loving were the items that I paid extra for and added on to my box. I wouldn’t call myself a minimalist (ever), but I abhor clutter and frankly, all this unnecessary stuff is junking up my life. So I have officially cut the FabFitFun cord.

That being said, I feel less like I’m cancelling something and more so like I’m trading up as I’ve started to get the Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style. Box of Style is more expensive at $99 per box but the items in it or more expensive. My first box was amazeballs.


My favorite thing in the entire box was the foldable clutch. It also comes with a shoulder strap and I’ve used several times. The adorable jeweled tray is a fixture on my desk now. I’m obsessed with the midi rings and want more. I’ve also used the hair cream a lot. I haven’t tried the mask yet, and I don’t wear lipstick, but regardless, I feel like I got fewer items than FabFitFun, but more quality and memorable pieces.

I’m a little annoyed that I haven’t received my winter box yet. They announced it ages ago, and frankly, I could have used some of the pieces in it for my holiday party circuit. But alas, it’s not arriving until this Saturday.

giphy (8)

But delivery issues aside, I’m pretty excited for just about everything that’s inside the box. I’m a bit on the fence about the House of Harlow earrings that are inside.


I love a good earring, but these are freaking GIANT. Especially now that my holiday parties are mostly over (or will be before these arrive), I have absolutely no where to wear something like that.

Do you do FabFitFun? Do you love it?

Do you do Box of Style? If so, how do you think it compares?

Do you do any other subscriptions? If so, what’s your fav?


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