My New Obsession

I was never a big fragrance fan until a few years ago. I have to be careful with anything heavily scented because it can bring on an allergy attack if the conditions are just right. But I love a good scent when I can get it.

I’ve been trying to find my signature scent for a long time and I think after many, many, many, many tries. I’ve finally narrowed it down to two: a summer and a winter scent.

My Summer Scent

I found my summer scent a while ago. It’s Tom Ford’s Mandarino Di Amalfi. It’s light and fresh and amazing and expensive AF. I don’t believe in paying full price for practically anything, especially not $250 on perfume. That’s a stretch even for this #moneywastinga$$hole. Instead, I visited my old frenemy eBay and found it for like $50-60.


Post-purchasing I’m really grateful for eBay and things that fall off of trucks and  eventually into my house because there is a BIG downside to this scent.

What could possibly be the downside to a perfume???? I’m glad you asked. The downside is this – this perfume smells amazing for like 30 minutes and then it’s gone. Poof! Like you never even sprayed it. To compensate, I spray it on my clothing instead of my skin. I don’t really love spraying perfume on my clothes, but if you don’t, it’s like you never put it on in the first place. Kind of not the point of a fragrance, right? You don’t want to be swimming in it and repelling people like you’re wearing your own personal forcefield, but why spend any money on something that disappears faster than a fart in the wind?

My Winter Scent

My winter scent is my new obsession and I don’t think any discounts are going to be coming my way on this one. Thankfully, my first foray into it didn’t cost me a thing.

I went to a work event at Jo Malone and was introduced to something that I would have never dared to try – mixing scents. Ever heard of Jo Malone? Ever been to one of her stores? If not, here’s how it works:

They have a fragrance bar where you smell a lot of different scents and pick the two that you prefer. Once you’ve picked a scent, you can go get a hand massage where via combo of a body cream and a spray, you can see what you think. My first try was a home run. I picked these two:


The names may look and sound weird, but both individually and combined, they are like heaven. You’ve got to smell it for yourself to believe it. And these may not be your scents, but there is a combination out there for you. Follow your nose and you will not be lead astray.

Warning: This stuff is crazy expensive IMO, but if you ante up for the full sizes, it’s a HUGE amount so it will last you for a long while even if you wear it everyday. Thankfully, I got my first round for free, but the way I’ve been slathering myself with this stuff, I could see myself paying for another round. Hopefully between now and then someone will give me a giant Jo Malone gift card or something.


A few other favorite scents:

  • Kindred Goods Sea Salt and Fig (another summer fav). It’s the only thing I’ll walk into Old Navy willingly for these days
  • Bond No. 9 Chelsea Parks – another expensive one that you can find full size on eBay for a steal. There is a whole line of delicious Bond No. 9 scents to choose from. Chelsea Park is my fav (so far)
  • Fossil 1954 for Women

Have you every tried Jo Malone?

What’s your favorite fragrance?


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