How Do You Black Friday?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always conflicted about shopping on Thursday and Black Friday. I’m not a fan of crowds so you’ll never catch me out there pushing and shoving at 3am. Shopping for me is a leisurely activity. A joy that shouldn’t be rushed.

That being said, now that stores are opening up on Thursday, I sometimes find myself out at 6p, cruising stores right when they open before the madness hits. This is the way that I feel about it – if the stores weren’t open on Thursday, I wouldn’t care. I’d stay home in my PJ’s and think nothing of it. But since they are open, I’m like, “okay, I’m up and I’ll give it a go.”

I live near an outlet mall so there are good deals to be had. They are either giving stuff away or it’s their usual discounts. Either way, you get a decent deal on some high end items. Last night, I hit up the Kate Spade outlet (which was mobbed), the J. Crew outlet (which was practically empty) and the Bloomingdales outlet (which was at it’s normal volume because rich people apparently don’t Black Friday even in an outlet.)

I’ll be honest. About 50% of what I bought last night is probably going to go back. Upon later inspection (without someone breathing down my neck as I perused the goods), it either doesn’t fit or I found something I liked better or that was more gift worthy. But that being said, I got most of my Christmas shopping down, so there’s that.

Fast forward to today where I’ve got my returns stacked up for a day when I won’t have to elbow anyone in the face to get to the register. And I find myself online trolling for fabric. I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and none of the retail stuff I’ve tried as tickled my fancy. But then I saw this post over at Merrick’s Art and I saw my future., here I come!

How do you Black Friday?

Image courtesy of As Told By TiffanyApparently they Black Friday in South Africa too.


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