Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you and yours have a wonderful turkey day.

Though what we celebrate today is a bit questionable if you think about it too hard, I try to think about the positives as opposed to our questionable history. I’ll always be thankful for a day off from work and a day with family. That being said, as the female of the household, it’s never really a day off, is it? It can be exhausting if you let it, but I don’t let it. At least not anymore. It took me a few years to get it down to a science, but now I’ve got my method and I stick to it like a script.

I usually take the day before Thanksgiving off and do most of my prep that day. One of the most important pieces of my method is that I long ago gave up cooking my own turkey and/or ham for two reasons:

1. I don’t have a lot of oven space and cooking everything to be done at the same time is virtually impossible for me

2. I find cooking the meat EXTREMELY stressful. Will it be to dry? Is it over cooked or under cooked? Can that thermometer really be trusted? Did I put it in the right place? Am I going to accidentally poison everyone I love? The fear is real. I am far from a vegetarian, but I have a thing about cooking meat. Unless it’s on the grill, it makes me weirdly nervous. Insights into my psyche that you didn’t need

So morale of the story, I buy my meat. Honeybaked Ham is my sous chef on Thanksgiving. Beyond that I cook all the sides, but I prep 90% of it on the day before. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and dessert all finished yesterday so that on the day of, I can focus on decorating for Christmas. Because as of midnight on Thanksgiving, Xmas is fair game, people. After that, I’m finding a place to lay around and read a good book.

Today, that’s how I’m starting out my day until someone comes to force me out. I write this to you curled up in my bed with Wonder Woman: Warbringer waiting for me.

Happy Turkey Day!


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