Resizing a Garment

How do you a resize a garment without completely f***ing it up? Asking for a friend!

As I mentioned before, I am 100% one of the laziest people in the world. I’m always looking for shortcuts. When I’m in an interview, I call them efficiencies. Which is code for, “Why is this taking so long?” The shortest distance between two points and all that.

I’ve found I’m particularly lazy when it comes to sewing. Not the actual sewing itself. More the sitting down and learning to sew like a pro thing. I’m sure the more I do it, the more I’ll get interested in it. But for right now, I’m mostly just playing around and having fun. Sewing appeals to me because as a knitter, nothing is ever quick. Unless you’re making a hat or something. Knitting always takes days or months or years. Sewing has a more instant gratification that satisfies my crafty soul.

Cut to me now thinking that I’m good enough to re-size a garment. So I found this cute jumpsuit at Target the other day. It looks much cuter in person than it does in this picture.


I tried on the size that would technically fit me and sure, it fit, but it looked like I was trying to squeeze sausage into a satin casing.

I sized up and the top was too big, but the drape on my roomy hips was much more pleasing. So, I decided for $29.99 that if I tried to take it in and I screwed it up, I wouldn’t be too brokenhearted about it. I’ve wasted more than $30 on something in my life. This can join the club.

I follow Merrick’s Art. Do you? She always has the cutest creations and some really simple, easy to follow tutorials. She’s partially to blame for my laziness and general overconfidence in sewing because she makes it seem so easy. Case in point: I’m going to try to follow this tutorial on resizing a dress for my jumpsuit without making myself cry.

Wish me luck!


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