Book Review: Warcross by Marie Lu

Book Rating (out of 5):

So Warcross was one of the big grabs at BookCon. I was super intrigued, but I got really annoyed at the publisher because they did a really shitty job of letting people know when and where they could get in line to get a signed copy of the ARC. When I got there (at the time I was told by a staff person), the line was wrapped practically around the building. Even though they kept telling people that they wouldn’t let anyone line up early. Here’s what I say to those assholes…

giphy (3)Giphy

Seeing that line, I knew I didn’t want it that bad. Fast forward to it’s eventual release and I grabbed myself a copy. Frankly, it was worth $10.99 for me NOT to have to stand in that line.

Warcross was good. Fast-paced, interesting and fun. A LOT predictable but with action, intrigue and a little romance to keep you interested. IMO, the perfect length of a book.

It reminded me of a cross between that 90s movie Hackers and a modernized Tron. I kept thinking of Hunger Games though it really wasn’t like that at all. More Ready Player One, but without the heavy dose of nostalgia or super depressing dystopia.

Lu is a really talented writer, but she hasn’t made me a super fan just yet. I like the Legend series, heard enough frustration about Young Elites to steer clear and now there is Warcross. I’ll definitely read the next in the series, but I won’t be first in line for a copy. For me, she has interesting ideas that get bogged down in the YA trope and that trope is getting old for me. Or should I say, I am getting too old for the trope.

giphy (4)


I’d love for her to write something adult. Now that, I might stand in line for.


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