Book Review: Berserker by Emmy Laybourne

Book Rating (out of 5):

I received this book courtesy of Netgalley and boy, am I glad I did. Can I have some more please???? I rarely say this anymore because the series thing is waaaay over done, but I’d love another book in this series.

Berserker is a fairly short book (less than 300 pages), but it packs a lot in. It’s about a family blessed/cursed with physical “gifts” than manifest at puberty. Each of them has a different gift and those gifts come with some pretty harsh downsides.

Hanne is a berserker, which means that she flies into a killing calm if she or someone that she loves is physically threatened. She takes out anyone or anything that’s a threat. The book starts with an incident, which send hers whole family on the lam. They flee from their Norwegian town to America in search of an uncle who they hope can help them.

I probably rated this book higher than I should, but I was just really engrossed in it the whole time. I tend to rate books like that higher even if they aren’t perfect. Those books that you just don’t want to put down.

There are some pretty amazing fight scenes. I felt like I was in the moment when those scenes happened and left totally in awe at points. But I really love a kick ass female lead, so there’s that. I’ve read Laybourne’s writing before. I read her Monument 14 series earlier this year and though her storytelling isn’t perfect, I’ve decided that I just really, really like her writing style.

What made this a 4 star instead of a 5 star book for me? My main criticisms were:

  1. Hanne’s constant negativity was starting to get a bit annoying towards the end. Everyone was very accepting of her, but she was convinced that everyone was going to reject her. It got to be a little much.


  1. The pivotal scene towards the end where everything comes to ahead was…strange. That being said, I liked overall how it ended.

giphy (1)

I also wish that there was a glossary where there was a guide to the pronunciations of some of the foreign names and words. I’m pretty sure that I was saying almost everyclapping-hands-sign_1f44fsingle clapping-hands-sign_1f44fcharacter’s name wrong in my head. And until she explained how to say Nytte about midway through the book, I was absolutely saying it wrong. face-with-tears-of-joy_1f602

It was a fast moving book and a quick read. If you like a lot of action and a little romance, I recommend that you check out Berserker when it comes out next Tuesday, October 10, 2017.


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