The Lazy Seamstress is So Ready for Fall Ya’ll

Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday. And I’m soooooo ready for it this year!!!! I’m ready for that slight chill in the air, a warm drink, hot soup, a cozy sweater. Bring clapping-hands-sign_1f44fitclapping-hands-sign_1f44fon!

I’ve also been feeling like sewing. I’m fairly new to sewing. I think I got my sewing machine two-ish years ago. And I didn’t open it for a year after I got it. So…yeah. But when I finally cracked it open, I went nuts. I did A LOT of sewing this summer and in the process, I realized that I’m really, really lazy.

I have been too lazy to learn how to sew properly (i.e. read patterns, cut fabric efficient, etc.) I’ve bought online tutorials and months later, still haven’t watched them. Mostly I’ve stuck to YouTube videos that are 10 minutes or less, blog posts with written instructions and shortcuts (Pinterest for the win!) and a lot of experimentation. My experimentation yielded some disasters, but also a few wearable dresses. Only people who can’t sew are generally impressed.

This yellow dress was the last thing that I sewed this summer and it’s been hanging out on this dress form every since. I realized that I need to added a liner since it is quite obviously see through and have yet to return to it.


Now that Halloween approaches, I’m in the mood to make some lounge pants. Lounge pants were the first piece of clothing I attempted and with various success. I made some ill-fitting pants for myself and a pair for my daughter. I mean, they were wearable (barely). I’ve gotten a little better at this…a little. I made a ton of shorts for my daughter this summer that fit her well and that she wore a ton, so I consider that a huge success. The Wonder Woman fabric was my fav.


Hopefully with this go round my lounge pants will be a little less ill-fitting. TBH, skirts are my sweet spot.

I made a trip to JoAnn’s today to see what Halloween fabrics they had to offer me. Initially I was looking for something like the fabric from this skirt that I kept seeing on

Modcloth dressModCloth

Isn’t that a fun print???? Now that I have some meager sewing skills, I look at stuff like this and think. Meh, I can make that. That being said, I didn’t find any fabric quite like that, but I did found some fun stuff.

Grump cat halloween print for my daughter’s lounge pants and bats for me


The cream colored fabric was my favorite find and I can’t decide whether I’m going to do a skirt or pants. The gray fabric will definitely be a skirt.


And this apron was an unexpectedly fun find that I couldn’t pass up. The fabric includes all of the pieces laid out and ready to cut with the directions on the print.
Even I (probably) can’t screw this up!


It’s all in the wash now. Can’t wait to get sewing!


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