Marine Layers Scarf

I’ve been posting mostly about reading lately and I’ll be real with you – that’s probably what I’ll blog about the most because it’s what I do the most. My other hobbies are merely an interlude to my first and best-loved hobby of reading. But I don’t call myself The Hobby Whore for nothing.

I recently(ish) started knitting the Abbot Kinney Shawl/Scarf. It’s a beautiful pattern by SweaterBabe. She writes lovely patterns and they are very clear and easy to follow. Finished, it’s supposed to look like this:

Before I frogged it, it looked like this…


I frogged it for a couple of reasons:

1. It looked like crap. I’m not sure if it was the color or if I was just vastly screwing up the pattern, but it didn’t look right.

2. This is the first of her patterns that I’ve found a bit tedious. Once finished, it’s beautiful, but it’s not mindless knitting. This is “pay very careful attention or you’re going to regret it” knitting. And I’m not in the head space for that right now. It was likely going to take me forever. 😳😂

I happened to have bought several of her patterns a while back and also had Marine Layers which calls for the same exact yarn, so I’m giving this a try instead.

For once, I’ve decided to use the actual yarn called for in the project. I’m using Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in a color called Grasshopper.

I’m terrible when it comes to picking colors for knitting. I tend to lean towards many shades of gray, red, and beige. I find myself forcing myself to consider other colors. I know why I do it. If I’m going to spend years knitting something, I want to be able to wear it with ANYTHING and those are very neutral shades. But for whatever reason, I decided to go off the beaten path with this one and pick a bright green. To be fair, this shade of green goes with a lot. That is if you aren’t afraid of bright colors. Which I’m not.

Now, let’s just hope I finish it this century.


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