New Release: Blackbird of the Gallows

Book Rating (out of 5):

Have you ever heard of BookCon? No? Until last year, neither had I.

I’m not sure how I tripped across it, but that year it was in Chicago and I couldn’t make it, but I put it on my calendar to go the following year. I was pumped and ready and had zero expectations beyond what I’d read on a few blogs here and there. The only thing that I knew was that I had the potential to come home with a ton of books. So many so that I was encouraged by several bloggers to bring an extra empty suitcase, which I did. And guess what, when I came home, I was lugging a suitcase full of books and other book related goodies, only a handful of which I had to open my wallet for. It was magical. It was like book nerd Christmas.


Anywho, I received an ARC of BlackBird of the Gallows while I was at BookCon. I knew zero about the book. Zero about the author, Meg Kassel. But she was there signing copies and I managed to snag one.

It has a beautiful cover, and frankly, I was intrigued. Though post-reading, I feel they could have done better with the description on the back. It doesn’t speak well to what actually happens in the book.

This is a familiar story, but with a unique twist. New boy in school meets slightly awkward girl, and they get bit by the instalove bug a la Twilight. But instead of sparkly vampires or brooding werewolves or scary as hell fae, our new boy’s secret is that he’s a harbinger of death.

The things that were a bit annoying about this story were the things that weren’t unique about it. The ‘he can’t tell her what he is’ secrecy even though he ‘can’t stay away even though he knows he should.’ And her ‘I will be a stalker and overlook all this strange crazy s*** because he’s so hot’ nonsense. I mean, if I roll my eyes any harder then my eyes will get stuck like that, just like my mama warned me they would. You know, the stuff that most sane people would running screaming from. In that sense, this is your typical YA novel.

giphy (1)Giphy

BUT if you can get past that, then you’ve got an interesting little thriller of a book in your hands.

Overall, I liked Angie’s family back story. I liked her friends and their dynamic though there was a bit at the end with them that had me scratching my head because it was so inconsistent with what they were saying/doing the minute before. And there were a couple of other inconsistencies in the book and a timeline issue for me towards the end, but somehow I was able to skim past most of that and just enjoy it.

Once the big event happens, I really got swept up in the action. It felt like I was in the middle of a disaster movie and boy oh boy, how I love a good disaster movie.

So in summary, I really liked it. It definitely has its flaws and parts that will have you thinking, you’ve read this book before. But there are other parts that are wholly original and worth sticking around for.

Black Bird of the Gallows hit shelves two days ago (sorry I was a bit tardy for the party). Go pick up a copy now.


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