Blogging. Hobby #4,973?

It's come to my attention that I collect hobbies. I didn't even realize I was doing it until my friends started to tease me about. What can I say? I'll try (almost) anything once.

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Book Review: Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna

Book Rating (out of 5): As a parent, this is your worst nightmare. You are out and about with your children. You leave them in the car with strict instructions not to go anywhere while you run into the store to pick up something quickly. When you return, your children are gone. I cannot even... Continue Reading →

The Never Ending Scarf

I haven't talked much about my knitting. Why you ask? Because it's been frustrating the hell out of me. I had this lovely yarn and a great pattern that I wrote about a while back. I started out knitting one thing with it and then that looked terrible, so I frogged it and decided to... Continue Reading →

Side Hobby: Purging

I absolutely hate clutter. You might disagree with me if you ever came over to my house, but seriously, clutter gives me anxiety. If I walk into a room and it's overcome with clutter, the only way to get myself down off the ledge is to start organizing. Organizing is like a compulsion for me.... Continue Reading →

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